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  • this journal is friends only, so comment to be added.
  • you must have at least a few things in common with me. [things that help: a love for jake gyllenhaal, the smashing pumpkins, photoshop, betty boop, POTC, harry potter, etc. see user info for more details.]
  • if you add me, i want to get to know you. you must update your journal regularly. i'm not asking for every day, but a once a month thing just plain sucks. how am i supposed to get to know you if you never update? if you want, give me your SN & we'll chat via AIM. pictures? ooh now you're learning. i love 'em.
  • if you mind that i curse like a sailor & talk about my sex life, pls don't bother adding me. i do those things.
  • remember, this is my journal. i'm not going to censor myself because you don't like it. if i freak you out [ for some unknown reason ;D ] just leave me be. i am who i am & there's nothing you can do to stop me.
  • pls don't add me if all of your journal entries consist of "today i went to the beach. it was fun. i saw my crush. he is hot. k, gotta go." *yawn* that gets boring real fast.
  • also, pls don't add me just because you like my graphics. more than likely i won't make anything for you, so stop trying.
  • high school graduates only. sorry younglings. but i'm 24 & you're just too young.
  • PS: i'm not as bitchy as i'm making myself out to be here. i'm quite friendly actually, so don't be afraid to drop me a comment & say hi. new friends are always welcome. =]
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